Download Data on US Nonprofit Sector

If the Nonprofit Sector Overview and the Data Analysis Tools are insufficient for your needs, you can download NCCS data for direct manipulation and analysis.  There is a fee to download data.  You can also request registration online.

Before you download data, please review the NCCS File Overview page so you know which data file is right for you.  You will also need to download and save the NCCS Data Guide as a resource to answer any questions that you encounter.

NCCS Files Overview
Descriptions of the different types of databases NCCS maintains, as well as matching IRS Forms 990.

NCCS Data Guide (PDF)
Read before getting serious with your research!

To download or extract data:

  1. Please complete the online registration and request form and user agreement. You can also download and fax the form (PDF) NCCS will send you a price quote within one business day of receiving the form. The fee varies depending on the data requested and the purpose of the request.
  2. Submit payment via check or credit card.
  3. If you are requesting a single download, we will send you an email with a link to download the data after we receive your payment. We can also provide researchers with the ability to create their own custom downloads.

Data can be provided in a variety of software database, spreadsheet, and statistical programs including dBase, Microsoft Excel, SAS, and SPSS (dBase or Excel tables can be also imported into Microsoft Access).