You may request access to the NCCS Data Web, join the NCCS mailing list, request technical assistance, or request basic information by following the registration link below.  You can also request registration online.

However, please consider the following:

  • NCCS does not rate charities, and we cannot make any donation recommendations.
  • NCCS cannot give advice about grant writing or foundations. People interested in these issues should visit the Foundation Center.
  • For people interested in general nonprofit statistics by state or nationwide, check out our statistics area and table wizard here.
  • For people interested in the Data web, please first check out the Core 2013 file. If this is the sort of data that you are looking for, request access using the registration link below. Registration to the Data web does not grant the user access to NCCS data on individual records.

If you are interested in using our data, requesting information, requesting technical assistance, or being added to the NCCS mail list, please complete this Registration Form.

If we do not have your contact information on file, you will be required to supply it.

To use a PDF version of the data request form, please print and fill out this data request form and fax it back to us at (202) 833-6231, or email to: