Advanced Data Tools

IRS Extracts
NCCS is now offering newly-released financial data from the Internal Revenue Service for public charities, private foundations, and other types of 501(c) organizations.

NCCS shortcuts
Originally created for internal use, this list of links provides quick access to NCCS tools that are commonly used by the NCCS team.

DataWeb analysis tool (registration required - fee may apply)
The NCCS DataWeb allows you to create custom reports, generate univariate statistics, combine multiple data files, and access individual organization records.  Note: There is no fee to access the latest IRS Business Master File.  Fees may apply to access additional datasets.

Custom list management
Create and save lists of organizations.

EON advanced NTEE classification tool
Input or correct the NTEE codes assigned to organizations in the database.

NCCS reports
Access custom queries generated by NCCS for its partners and for regular internal use.


If you are interested in additional features or data files, a fee may apply.  Our pricing varies per project.  This has proved the best way to both sustain our efforts to provide quality data and, at the same time, maximize the use of the data by the public, policymakers, nonprofits and researchers.  To request additional features or data please complete the formal request form, then fax or email it to us.