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A03 - Cultural Heritage

Use references: International Cultural Exchange

A03.02 - Celebrations

See also: Commemorations (A04.02)

Use references: Celebratory Events; Community Celebrations; First Night Celebrations; Holidays; Inaugurations; Mardi Gras Celebrations; National Day Celebrations; New Year's Eve Celebrations; Pageants; Parades; Processions

A03.03 - Cultural & Ethnic Awareness

See also: Area, Ethnic, Cultural & Gender Studies (V03); International Exchange (Q05.04); Services for Ethnic & Immigrant Groups (P11.05)

Use references: Ethnic Awareness Programs; Cultural Awareness Programs; National Day Celebrations; Japanese Culture and Language

A03.04 - Cultural Festivals

See also: Dance Festivals (A08.02.04); Music Festivals (A08.03.12); Theater Festivals (A08.05.006); Visual Arts Festivals (A09.13)

Use references: Cultural Fairs; Ethnic Festivals; Renaissance Fairs; Renaissance Festivals

A03.05 - Folklife & Traditional Arts

Use references: Folk Arts; Folk Culture; Folk Customs; Folklore; Folkways; Oral Traditions