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NAICS: 710000   Largest/examples: A40 - A4 - Search A40 - Visual Arts

Organizations whose activities promote or provide access to a variety of visual arts. Included are organizations that focus on an art form in a specific medium such as stained glass or textiles.

Key words: Architectural Centers; Architectural Services; Art Conservation; Art Galeeries; Art Printmaking; Ceramic Arts; Clay Arts; Computer Art; Crafts; Decorative Arts; Drawing; Enamelwork; Experimental Arts; Fiber Art; Fine Arts; Glass Arts; Intermedia; Jewelry Arts; Lacquer Work; Metal Arts; Mixed Media; Mosaics; Origami; Painting; Paper Arts; Photography; Pottery; Printmaking; Quilting; Sculpture; Stained Glass; Studio Arts; Textile Arts; Visual Arts; Visual Arts Appreciation; Weaving Arts

Scope notes: Includes: Architectural centers and services; Art conservation organizations; Ceramic arts organizations; Painting, drawing and sculpture organizations; and Organizations devoted to photography.

USE for art galleries in which visual artists can exhibit and sell their work. Do not confuse "Art Galleries" as venues with museums that have "Gallery" in their name such as "The National Gallery of Art".

See also: Art Museums