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NAICS: 712110   Largest/examples: A50 - A5 - Search A50 - Museums

Organizations that acquire, preserve, research, exhibit and provide for the educational use of works of art, objects or artifacts that are related to the study of zoology, biology, botany, mineralogy, geology and other natural sciences; history; archeology; or science and technology. Use this code for types of museums not specified below.

Key words: Archaeological Museums; Archeological Museums; Automobile Museums; Boat Museums; Circus Museums; Comedy Museums; Crime Museums; Culture-Specific Museums; Doll Museums; Film Museums; Fire-Fighting Museums; Forestry Museums; Gun Museums; Hall of Fame; Historic Ships; Hobby Museums; Holocaust Museums; Lapidary Arts Museums; Logging/Lumber Museums; Mapparium Museums; Marine Museums; Maritime Museums; Model Train Museums; Money/Numismatic Museums; Motion Picture Museums; Musical Instrument Museums; Naval Museums; Observatories; Philatelic Museums; Planetaria; Planetarium; Postal Museums; Railroad Museums; Religious Museums; Scouting Museums; Ship Museums; Specialized Museums; Sport Halls of Fame; Sports Museums; Theater Museums; Toy Museums; Train Museums; Transportation Museums; Video Museums; Visitors Center; Wax Museums; Whaling Museums; Woodcarving Museums

Scope notes: Includes: Folk arts, ethnic museums; Marine, maritime museums; Planetariums; Sports and hobby museums including halls of fame; and Other specialized museums.

Excludes: Ethnic organizations that are not museums. Use Cultural & Ethnic Awareness (A23).

See also: Botanical Gardens & Arboreta; Environmental Education; Zoos & Aquariums