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NAICS: 611310   Largest/examples B42 - Search B42 - Undergraduate Colleges

Educational institutions that offer college level courses of study that may lead to the customary bachelor of arts or science degree.

Key words: 4-Year Colleges; Baccalaureate Degrees; Bachelor Degrees; Bachelor of Arts Degrees; Bachelor of Science Degrees; Black Colleges; Deaf Colleges; Four-Year Colleges; Liberal Arts Colleges; Undergraduate Colleges

Scope notes: Generally, colleges differ from universities in that universities tend to be larger, with faculty time and attention divided between research and teaching. Most universities have larger enrollments than colleges and are sometimes collections of colleges that include both undergraduate and graduate programs with a wide array of courses. The name of the institution does not always reflect the precise nature of the organization. Boston College is a university. Coders should choose between the two terms by first looking at the institution's mission statement and then the descriptive information supplied about the nature of the courses offered and degrees conferred. Next, a coder can refer to how the institution is described in published or online guidebooks, such as The College Board ( The name of the institution should be used as a last resort.