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NAICS: 519120   Largest/examples: B70 - B7 - Search B70 - Libraries

Facilities which house a collection of materials including books, manuscripts, journals, government documents and non-print formats such as paintings, musical recordings, videotapes, films and data files which are organized for access by a targeted population.

Key words: Academic Libraries; Academic Research Libraries; Archival Work; Archives; Archivists; Book and Paper Conservation; Book Collections; College Libraries; College Research Libraries; Corporate Libraries; Depository Libraries; Electronic Libraries; Information Centers; Law Libraries; Law School Libraries; Legal Libraries; Libraries; Library Operation/Programs; Media Centers; Medical Association Libraries; Medical Libraries; Medical Society Libraries; Military Base Libraries; Municipal Libraries; National Libraries; Online Vendor Services; Presidential Libraries; Public Libraries; Reference Services; Religious Libraries; Research Libraries; School Libraries; School Library Media Centers; Special Libraries; State Libraries; University Libraries; University Research Libraries; Virtual Libraries