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NAICS: 611710   Largest/examples: B80 - B8 - Search B80 - Student Services

Organizations that provide services, facilities and programs that support student needs, foster student learning and personal development, create a healthy and diverse community, and enrich student life.

Key words: Academic Counseling; Admissions; Ancillary Education Services; Auxiliary Education Enterprises; Campus Information & Visitors Services; Campus Information/Tours; Campus Life; Campus Safety; Career Guidance; Collegiate Service Clubs; College Admissions and Counseling; College Bookstores; College Housing; College Stores; Circle K Clubs; Disabled Student Services; Disabled Students Note Takers; Dormitories; Foreign Student Advisement; Guidance & Counseling; School Accessibility; School Cafeterias; School Clubs; School Dining Halls; School Health Centers; School Health Services; School-Based Document Conversion; School-Based Sign Language Interpretation; School Newspapers; Student Bookstores; Student Counseling; Student Councils; Student Food Services; Student Health Services; Student Housing; Student Government; Student Newspapers; Student Unions

Scope notes: Definition revised 11/2004