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C05 - Natural Resources Conservation & Protection

See also: Wildlife Preservation & Protection (D05)

Use references: Conservation; Environmental Protection; Natural Resources Management; Nonrenewable Resources

C05.02 - Energy Resources

See also: Home Improvement (L03); Weatherization (L03.04)

Use references: Alternative Energy Sources; Biomass Energy Resources; Electricity; Energy Efficiency; Energy Use Audits; Fossil Fuels; Geothermal Energy; Hydroelectric Energy; Nuclear Energy; Passive Solar Energy; Photovoltaic Energy; Renewable Energy Sources; Solar Energy; Wind Energy

C05.03 - Land Conservation

See also: Watershed Conservation (C05.07)

Use references: Deforestation; Desert Conservation; Erosion Control; Farmland Preservation; Forest Conservation; Forest Ecosystems; Forest Habitats; Forest Management; Forest Rotation; Geological Surveys; Land Preservation; Land Reclamation; Land Trusts; Pinelands; Prairie Conservation; Rain Forest Conservation; Reforestation; Soil Conservation; Soil Erosion Prevention; Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement; Wilderness Conservation;

C05.04 - Marine Conservation

See also: Fishery Conservation & Management (D05.03); Marine Animals Preservation & Protection (D05.04)

Use references: Beach Erosion Control; Coastal Environmental Protection & Management; Coastal Zones; Coral Reef Conservation; Marine Ecology; Marine Ecosystems; Marine Resources; Sand Dunes Protection; Shore Protection

C05.05 - Plant Conservation

Use references: Plant Species Reintroduction; Native Plants; Seed Bank Programs; Wildflower Conservation

C05.06 - Water Conservation

See also: Water Pollution Control (C06.09)

Use references: Ground Water Protection; Home Water Use Surveys; Wastewater Management; Water Conservation Enforcement; Water Conservation Kits; Water Waste Reporting; Well Head Protection

C05.07 - Watershed Conservation

Use references: Bottomlands; Estuary Protection; Floodplains; Florida Everglades; Lake Conservation; River Ecology & Conservation; Salt Marshes; Tidal Marshes; Wetlands Conservation; Wetlands Management; Wetlands Protection; Wetlands Restoration;