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NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples: C20 - C2 - Search C20 - Pollution Abatement & Control

Organizations which seek to ensure that communities have a clean and healthful environment that is free from air and water pollution, pesticides and other hazardous substances, damaging radiation and excessive levels of noise.

Key words: Acid Rain; Air Pollution; Asbestos Removal; Asbestos Testing; Atmospheric Contamination; Carbon Monoxide Testing; Clean Air; Climatic Change; Drinking Water Testing; Environmental Hazards Cleanup; Environmental Hazards Control; Environmental Pollution; Environmental Sanitation; Global Warming; Greenhouse Effect; Greenhouse Gases; Hazardous Materials Cleanup; Hazardous Materials Control; Hazardous Materials Monitoring; Hazardous Materials Transportation; Hazardous Wastes; Household Hazardous Wastes; Indoor Air Pollution; Industrial Hazardous Wastes; Landfills; Lead Paint; Lead Testing; Medical Waste Disposal, Noise Pollution; Nuclear Wastes; Oil Spill Cleanup; Pesticides; Pollution Abatement; Pollution Control; Poor Air Quality; Radiation Control; Radiation Testing; Radon Testing; Rising Sea Levels; Sanitation; Sewage; Sludge Sites; Smog; Soil Contaminant Testing; Soil Testing; Solid Waste Management; Tap Water Testing; Toxic Substances; Toxic Wastes; Waste Disposal; Waste Management; Waste Spills; Waste Transport; Water Pollution; Water Pollution Control

Scope notes: Includes: Air pollution control; Global warming (greenhouse effect); Hazardous wastes and toxic substances; Noise pollution control; Radiation control; Solid waste management; and Water pollution control.