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NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples C32 - Search C32 - Water Resources, Wetlands Conservation & Management

Organizations that preserve and protect water resources from indiscriminate waste and ensure that the supply of quality water is adequate to meet the needs of the public, agriculture and industry. Also included are organizations that preserve and manage coastal lands including shorelines, coastal waters and lands extending inland from the shore which affect coastal waters; bays, lakes, rivers, wetlands, estuaries, watersheds and other aquatic habitats.

Key words: Beach Erosion Control; Bogs; Bottomlands; Coastal Environmental Management; Coastal Environmental Protection; Coastal Zones; Coral Reef Conservation; Estuary Protection; Floodplains; Florida Everglades; Groundwater Protection; Home Water Use Surveys; Lake Conservation; Marine Conservation; Marine Ecology; Marine Resources; Ponds; River Conservation; River Ecology; Salt Marshes; Shore Protection; Streams; Swampland; Tidal Marshes; Wastewater Management; Water Bank; Water Conservation Enforcement; Water Conservation Kits; Water Conservation; Water Resources Conservation; Water Resources Protection; Water Waste Reporting; Watershed Conservation; Well Head Protection; Wetlands Conservation; Wetlands Management; Wetlands Protection; Wetlands Restoration

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