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NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples C34 - Search C34 - Land Resources Conservation

Organizations that preserve and protect endangered land resources from indiscriminate development, destruction or decay and which manage the utilization of renewable and nonrenewable resources to ensure ongoing availability. Included are conservation of the nations forests, rangeland, vegetation, deserts, wild and scenic rivers and other wilderness areas and open land spaces; and reestablishment of areas that have been devastated by destructive activities such as strip mining or other destructive activities.

Key words: Desert Conservation; Geological Surveys; Land Banks; Land Conservancies; Land Conservation; Land Preservation; Land Reclamation; Land Trusts; Open Land; Prairie Conservation; Public Land Management; Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement; Wilderness Conservation

Scope notes: Includes: Organizations involved in public land management; and Land banks/trusts which purchase or otherwise acquire endangered land and hold the land in trust or deed it to the Interior Department or other public authorities or private organizations for conservation, care and protection in perpetuity.

Excludes: Community Land Trusts. Use Housing Development, Construction & Management(L20). Forest conservation. Use Forest Conservation (C36). Soil conservation programs on farm land. Use Farmland Preservation (K25).

See also: Environmental Beautification; Farmland Preservation; Forest Conservation