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NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples C35 - Search C35 - Energy Resources Conservation & Development

Organizations that conserve existing energy resources, ensure efficient use of available energy and develop new energy resources while protecting the quality of the environment.

Key words: Alcohol Fuels; Alternative Energy Sources; Appropriate Technologies; Bioethanol; Biofuels; Biogas; Biomass Energy Resources; Energy Efficiency; Energy Resources Conservation; Energy Resources Development; Energy Use Audits; Gasohol; Geothermal Energy; Hydroelectric Energy; Hydropower; Nonrenewable Resources; Nuclear Energy; Passive Solar Energy; Photovoltaic Energy; Renewable Energy Sources; Renewable Resources; Solar Energy; Waste to Energy; Water Power; Wind Energy

Scope notes: Excludes: Electrical service and other utility providers. Use Public Utilities (W80).