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NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples D31 - Search D31 - Protection of Endangered Species

Organizations that identify and promote laws for the protection of species of birds, animals, fish or other wildlife that are at risk of extinction; and/or which sponsor programs for breeding endangered species in captivity and releasing them to selected habitats in the wild in which they are given a better chance for survival.

Key words: American Black Bear; Bald Eagles; Black Footed Ferrets; California Condors; Chimpanzees; Cougars; Dolphins; Elephants; Endangered Species Protection; Falcons; Ferrets; Gold Monkeys; Gorillas; Gray Wolves; Grizzly Bear; Guam Rails; Jaguars, Louisiana Black Bear; Manatees; Martens; Mississippi Sandhill Crane; Monarch Butterflies; Mountain Lions; Ospreys; Otters; Pandas; Protection of Endangered Species; Red Wolves; Rhinoceroses; Salamanders; Sea Otters; Sea Turtles; Seals; Snow Leopards; Songbirds; Stellar Sea Lions; Threatened Species; Tigers; Whales; Whooping Cranes; Wildlife Reintroduction; Woodland Caribou