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NAICS: 622110   Largest/examples E21 - Search E21 - Community Health Systems

Multihospital health care systems that have two or more hospitals owned, leased, sponsored, or managed by a central organization. Also includes parent companies of diversified single hospital systems that provide comprehensive management and support services for the hospital. (rev. 9/2005)

Key words: Community-Based Health Services; Health Care Systems; Hospital Management Corporations; Multihospital Health Care Systems; Multihospital Systems;

Scope notes: INCLUDES parent organizations that may also provide one or more common services such as information systems, payroll processing, and investment management to their subsidiary organizations.

DO NOT USE for organizations that provide an array of management and operational services to related organizations, but do not provide the centralized control, oversight, planning, and coordination functions that are generally associated with a 'parent' organization (USE E19).