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NAICS: 621491   Largest/examples E31 - Search E31 - Group Health Practices

Organizations that provide both health care services and underwrite health and medical insurance. Also included are medical groups which provide health care for HMO members on a contract with the HMO and physician practice groups generally associated with teaching, research, and public hospitals.

Key words: Group Health Practices; Health Maintenance Organizations; HMOs; Managed Care; Managed Health Care; Primary Health Care Providers

Scope notes: USE for health care organizations with physicians and other medical staff primarily engaged in providing a range of medical services to the health maintenance organization (HMO) subscribers with a focus generally on primary health care. These organizations are owned by the HMO. Included are HMO's that both provide health care services and underwrite health and medical insurance policies. DO NOT USE for HMO's primarily engaged in underwriting and administering health and medical insurance policies and Direct Health and Medical Insurance Carriers. USE E80 - Health (General & Financing).

Includes group medical practice associations and physician practice corporations which support the medical, educational, and research activities of nonprofit healthcare organizations (e.g., teaching, research, and public hospitals). Also includes networks of physicians.

See also: Health (General & Financing)