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NAICS: 621410   Largest/examples: E40 - E4 - Search E40 - Reproductive Health Care

Organizations that provide medical, educational and counseling services which relate to the conception, delivery and care of offspring. Use this code for organizations other than family planning centers that offer reproductive health services.

Key words: Abortion Clinics; Alternative Birthing Services; Birth Education; Birth Orientation; Birthing Centers; Childbirth Preparation Centers; Delivery/Childbirth Services; Early Pregnancy Classes; Fertility Treatment Centers; Genetic Counseling; Human Sexuality Counseling; Human Sexuality Education; Infertility Treatment; Lamaze; Maternal and Infant Care; Maternity Care; Midwifery; Natural Childbirth Education; Neonatal Care; Newborn Infant Care; Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics; Post Abortion Care; Postpartum Care; Pregnancy Termination Clinics; Prenatal Care Centers; Prenatal Counseling; Pro-Choice Counseling; Pro-Life Counseling; Right to Life Counseling; Safe Sex; Sex Education; Voluntary Sterilization Centers; Sterilization; Womens Health Centers

See also: Children & Youth Services; Family Services for Adolescent Parents; Ambulatory & Primary Health Facilities