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NAICS: 621999   Largest/examples: E70 - E7 - Search E70 - Public Health

Organizations that inform the public of health and safety hazards and measures for furthering the early detection, treatment or rehabilitation of people who have an illness, injury or disability.

Key words: Biohazards Research; Biostatistics; Centers for Disease Control; Childhood Immunizations; Communicable Diseases Control and Prevention; Community Health Promotion; Community Wellness; Disease Outbreaks; Diseases Control and Prevention; Employee Health; Environmental Health Hazards; Environmental Health; Environmental Medicine; Environmental Toxicology; Epidemiology; Ergonomics; Flu Shots; Foreign Travel Shots; Health Biostatistics; Health Fairs; Health Maintenance; Health Promotion; Health Screening; Immunizations; Industrial Hygiene; Industrial Medicine; Industrial Safety; Inoculations; International Health; International Public Health; Mass Health Screening; Medical Biostatistics; National Health; National Institutes of Health; Occupation Health Promotion; Occupational Health and Safety; Occupational Safety; Preventive Health; Public Health Medicine; Sexually Transmitted Disease Control, Prevention; Surgeon General; Vaccinations; Venereal Disease Control, Prevention; Virology; Wellness; Worker Health; Workplace Health Promotion; Workplace Safety; Workplace Wellness; Worksite Wellness; World Health

See also: Family Planning Centers; First Aid; Nutrition Programs; Pollution Abatement & Control Services; Safety Education