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NAICS: 524114   Largest/examples: E80 - E8 - Search E80 - Health (General & Financing)

Organizations that are concerned primarily with one or more aspects of health financing or that provide services which relate to health care in general.

Key words: Advance Care Planning; Advance Directives Planning; Advance Health Care Planning; Advance Medical Planning; Black Lung Benefits Trust; End of life Care Planning; End of life Planning; End-of-life Care Planning; End-of-life Planning; AIDS Drug Assistance; Black Lung Benefit Trusts; Health Care Cost Containment; Bioethics; Health Care Costs; Health Care Economics; Health Care Fees & Charges; Health Care Financing; Health Insurance; Health Insurance Counseling; Health Insurance Premium Assistance; HMO Financing; Hospital Bill Assistance; Medical Bioethics; Medical Care Costs; Medical Ethics; Medical Expense Assistance; Medical Sociology; Medicare Counseling; Medigap Insurance Counseling; Medication Expense Assistance; Patient Care Planning; Patient Services; Prepaid Health Care; Prescription Drug Costs; Prescription Expense Assistance; Ryan White Consortium; State-Sponsored High-Risk Health Coverage; Treatment Costs; Terminal Care Planning

Scope notes: USE for organizations that are primarily engaged in initially underwriting (i.e., assuming the risk and assigning premiums) health and medical insurance policies. Group hospitalization plans and HMO establishments (except those providing health care services) that provide health and medical insurance policies without providing health care services are included here.

Includes: 501(c)(21) and 501(c)(26) organizations.

Excludes: HMO establishments that provide health care services in addition to health care insurance. Use E31 Group Health Practices.