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F04 - Mental Health Treatment

See also: Ambulatory & Primary Health Care (E09.02)

Use references: Clinical Evaluation; Forensic Psychiatric Evaluations; Mental Health Evaluation Programs; Mental Health Twelve Step Programs; Psychological Testing; Psychosocial Evaluation

F04.02 - Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

Use references: Inpatient Mental Health Facilities; Psychiatric Hospitals

F04.03 - Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

Use references: Counseling Centers; Family Counseling Agencies

F04.04 - Residential Mental Health Treatment

See also: Residential Care for Dependent Children (P06.02); Residential Care for Individuals with Disabilities (P06.03); Residential Care (P06)

Use references: Group Homes; Half-Way Houses; Mental Health Half-Way Houses; Psychiatric Aftercare; Psychiatric Resocialization; Residential Care; Transitional Mental health Services