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NAICS: 621498   Largest/examples: F60 - F6 - Search F60 - Counseling

Organizations that provide treatment services which may include emotional support, problem-solving assistance, information and guidance through a variety of counseling modalities for individuals who are having difficulty in coping with a traumatic experience or a personal relationship or in making the adjustments that are required by their particular stage in life.

Key words: Adolescent Counseling; Adult Incest Survivor Counseling; Anger Management; Bereavement Counseling; Child Abuse Counseling; CISD; Critical Incident Stress Debriefing; Cult Membership Counseling; Cultural Transition Counseling; Disability Counseling; Elder Abuse Counseling; Employee Assistance; Employment Transition Counseling; Family Violence Counseling; Geriatric Counseling; Gestalt Therapy; Grief Counseling; Health Problems Counseling; Parent Abuse Counseling; Peer Counseling; Psychiatric Disorder Counseling; Sexual Offender Counseling; Sexual Orientation Counseling; Sexuality Counseling; Spousal Abuse Counseling; Spouse Abuse Counseling; Terminal Illness Counseling; Veteran Counseling; Youth Counseling

See also: Family Counseling; Sexual Assault Services