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NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples H43 - Search H43 - Heart & Circulatory System Diseases & Disorders Research

Organizations that conduct research which can be used to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases or conditions, including stroke, that affect the heart, lungs and blood vessels. The related medical specialty is cardiovascular medicine, a subspecialty of internal medicine.

Key words: Aneurysm Research; Angina Pectoris Research; Angiodysplasia Research; Angioneurotic Edema Research; Aortic Diseases Research; Arrhythmia Research; Arterial Occulsive Diseases Research; Arteriosclerosis Research; Arteritis Research; Bradycardia Research; Capillary Leak Syndrome Research; Carcinoid Heart Disease Research; Cardiac Arrest Research; Cardiac Tamponade Research; Cardiomegaly Research; Cardiovascular Diseases Research; Carotid Stenosis Research; Congestive Heart Failure Research; Coronary Thrombosis Research; CREST Syndrome Research; Dysrhythmia Research; Embolism Research; Endocarditis Research; Erythromelalgia Research; Fibromuscular Dysplasia Research; Heart Aneurysm Research; Heart Diseases Research; Heart Valve Disease Research; High Blood Pressure Research; Hperemia Research; Hypertension Research; Hypertrophy Research; Hypotension Research; Ischemic Heart Disease Research; Leriches Syndrome Research; Low Blood Pressure Research; Mesenteric Vascular Occulsion Research; Mitral Valve Prolapse Research; Myocardial Diseases Research; Myocardial Infarction Research; Myocardial Ischemia Research; Paroxysmal Tachycardia Research; Pericardial Effusion Research; Pericarditis Research; Peripheral Vascular Diseases Research; Phlebitis Research; Phlebolgy Research; Pneumopericardium Research; Polyarteritis Nodosa Research; Postpericardiotomy Syndrome Research; Postphlebitic Syndrome Research; Pulmonary Heart Disease Research; Pulmonary Veno-Occulsive Disease Research; Raynauds Disease Research; Retinal Vein Occulsion Research; Rheumatic Heart Disease Research; Scimitar Syndrome Research; Shwartzman Phenomenon Research; Spinal Cord Vascular Diseases Research; Stroke Research; Superior Vena Cava Syndrome Research; Tachycardia Research; Telangiectasis Research; Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Research; Thromboangiitis Obiterans Research; Thrombophlebitis Research; Thrombosis Research; Varicose Veins Research; Variococele Research; Vascualr Fistula Research; Vascular Diseases Research; Vasculitis Research; Vasuclar Hemostatic Disorders Research; Venous Disorders Research; Venous Insufficiency Research; Ventricular Dysfunciton Research; Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia Research