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NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples: H90 - H9 - Search H90 - Medical Disciplines Research

Organizations that conduct research which can be used to improve the options available to physicians who have special training and expertise in one clinical area of practice which focuses on a specific age group, an organ system of the body, or complex scientific techniques developed to diagnose or treat certain types of disorders. Use this code for organizations whose research covers a wide variety of medical disciplines or those that are not specified below.

Key words: Anesthesiology Research; Cardiology Research; Cardiovascular Medicine Research; Chiropractic Research; Dermatology Research; Emergency Medicine Research; Endocrinology Research; Family Practice Research; Forensic Medicine Research; Gastroenterology Research; Geriatrics Research; Gynecologists Research; Hematology Research; Immunology Research; Infectious Disease Research; Internal Medicine Research; Mortuary Science Research; Nephrology Research; Nuclear Medicine Research; OB/GYN Research; Obstetric/Gynecology Research; Occupational Medicine Research; Oncology Research; Ophthalmology Research; Optometry Research; Osteopathic Medicine Research; Otolaryngology Research; Pathology Research; Phlebology Research; Physical Medicine Research; Podiatry Research; Preventive Medicine Research; Psychiatry Research; Pulmonary Disease Specialists Research; Radiology Research; Rehabilitative Medicine Research; Reproductive Medicine Research; Rheumatology Research; Urology Research; Venereology Research