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I02 - Crime Control & Prevention

Use references: Crime Prevention

I02.02 - Citizen Crime Reporting

Use references: Abandoned Vehicle Reporting; Anonymous Crime Reporting; Arson Crimes Reporting; Consumer Fraud Reporting; Counterfeit Money Reporting; Credit Card Fraud Reporting; Crime Reporting; Crime Stoppers; Crime Tip Lines; Drug Crimes Reporting; Drug Tip Lines; Employee Fraud Reporting; Fish and Games Violation Reporting; Fraud Tip Lines; Gang Activity Reporting; Gang Activity Tip Lines; Hate Crimes Reporting; Identity Fraud Reporting; Illegal Dumping Reporting; Insurance Fraud Reporting; Medicare Fraud Reporting; Poaching Reporting; Postal Crimes Reporting; Probation/Parole Violations Reporting; Pyramid Scheme Fraud Reporting; Reckless Driving Reporting; Social Security Fraud Reporting; Stolen Automobile Reporting; Subsidized Housing Fraud Reporting; Subsidized Housing Fraud Reporting; Tax Fraud Reporting; Terrorism Reporting; Unemployment Benefits Fraud Reporting; Unlawful Distribution of Controlled Substances Reporting; Welfare Fraud Reporting; Witness Anonymous

I02.03 - Community Crime Prevention

Use references: Anti-Crime Patrols; Block Parent Programs; Block Watch; Citizen Patrols; Citizens' Crime Watch; Civilian Crime Patrols; Community Watch; Crimestoppers; Crimewatch; Home Alert Programs; Neighborhood Watch Programs

I02.04 - Drunk Driving

See also: Traffic Safety (M04.07)

Use references: Designated Driver Programs; Drunk Driving Programs; Drinking Driver Program; Driving Under the Influence Programs; Driving While Drugged; DUI Programs; DWI Programs; MADD Programs (+ advocacy); Mothers Against Drunk Drives (+ advocacy); Offender Drinking Driver Programs; SADD Programs (+advocacy); Students Against Drunk Drivers Programs (+advocacy);

I02.05 - Family Violence Prevention

See also: Family-Based Services (P04); Family Preservation (P04.02); Family Violence Counseling (F06.02); Parenting Education (P04.04); Sexual Assault Prevention (I02.13)

Use references: Abuse of the Elderly; Abuse Prevention; Crimes Against the Elderly; Elder Abuse; Granny Bashing; Granny Dumping; King Lear Syndrome; Violence Prevention; Violence in the Family; Violent Families

I02.05.02 - Child Abuse Prevention

See also: Children & Youth Services (P02); Crisis Intervention (F02); Family Violence Prevention (F06.02); Sexual Assault Prevention (I02.12)

Use references: Abuse of Children; Abuse Prevention; Abused Children; Abusive Parents; Battered Children; Child Assault Prevention; Child Neglect; Child Protection; Cruelty to Children; Infanticide; Prevention of Child Mistreatment; Shaken baby Syndrome

I02.05.03 - Spouse Abuse Prevention

See also: Crisis Intervention (F02); Crisis Shelter (L02.02); Sexual Assault Prevention (I02.12)

Use references: Abuse Prevention; Battered Husbands Programs; Battered Wives Programs; Conjugal Crime Prevention; Domestic Abuse Prevention; Domestic Husband Abuse; Domestic Rape Prevention; Husband Abuse Prevention; Marital Rape Prevention; Spousal Abuse Prevention; Wife Abuse Prevention;

I02.06 - Gun Control

Use references: Firearms Control Programs; Gun Control Advocacy (used with COMMON CODE Advocacy -B))

I02.07 - Hate Crimes Prevention

Use references: Bias Related Crimes; Crossburning; Gay Bashing; Prevention of Racially Motivated Crimes; Racially Motivated Crimes; Religiously Motivated Crimes

I02.11 - Missing Persons

Use references: Kidnapped Children; Missing Children; Person Tracing Services; Relative Tracing Services

I02.12 - Sexual Assault Prevention

See also: Child Abuse Prevention (I02.05.02); Family Violence Prevention (I02.05); Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention (F02.02)

Use references: Child Molestation Prevention; Dating Violence Prevention; Rape Prevention; Sex Offender Registration

I02.13 - Youth Violence Prevention

See also: Children & Youth Services (P02); Dropout Programs (B04.06); Youth Development, General/Other (O01)

Use references: Delinquency Prevention; Gang Related Programs; Juvenile Delinquency Prevention; Youth Crime Prevention; Youth Gangs