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I05 - Legal Services

Use references: Amnesty/Pardon Assistance; Homesteading Assistance; Insurance Claims Assistance; Legal Malpractice Assistance; Libel Assistance; Litigation Award Collection Assistance; Long Term Care Ombudsmen Programs; Malicious Prosecution Assistance; Malpractice Assistance; Medical Malpractice Assistance; Patient Rights Assistance; Personal Injury Assistance; Qui Tam Actions; Slander Assistance; Small Claims Assistance; Surrogate Mother Legal Assistance; Therapy Malpractice Assistance; Unclaimed Property Assistance; Wage Garnishment Assistance; Whistleblower Advocacy; Wrongful Action Compensation Assistance; Discrimination Assistance; Legal Aid; Employment Discrimination Assistance; Club Membership Discrimination Assistance; Education Discrimination Assistance; Equal Employment Opportunity Enforcement; Job Discrimination Assistance; Court-appointed Counsel; Legal Aid to the Poor; Legal Aid Services; Legal Services for Indigents; Pro Bono Cases; Public Defenders; Public Interest Law

I05.07 - Guardians ad Litem

See also: Children & Youth Services (P02)

Use references: Amicus Curiae; Attorney ad Litem; CASA; Court Appointed Special Advocates; Diminished Capacity Defense; Guardianship Programs

I05.08 - Housing Discrimination

See also: Housing Counseling (l06.02)

Use references: Equal Housing Opportunity Enforcement; Fair Housing; Fair Housing Promotion; Fair Housing Act Complaints; Fair Housing Assistance Program (FHAP); Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP); Housing Discrimination Assistance Programs; Promotion of Fair Housing; Redlining; Residential Segregation;

I05.09 - Mediation Programs

Use references: Alternative Dispute Resolution; Conflict Resolution; Dispute Resolution; Dissolution Assistance; Mini-Trials