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I06 - Specialized Law Practice Areas

Use references: Admiralty/Maritime Law; Criminal Law; Contract Law; Corporate Law; Elder Law; Entertainment Law; Family Law; Health Insurance Law; immigration/Naturalization Law; Insurance Law; International Law; Maritime Law; Media Law; Military Law; Probate, Trusts, and Estates Law; Public benefits Law; Public Interest law; Real Estate Law; Real Property Law

I06.02 - Constitutional Law

See also: Civil Liberties (R02)

Use references: Age Discrimination Assistance; Civil Liberties Assistance; Civil Rights Assistance; Club Membership Discrimination Assistance; Discrimination Assistance; Due Process Protections; Education Discrimination Assistance; Employment Discrimination Assistance; Freedom of the Press; Freedom of Religion; Freedom of Speech; Right of Assembly; Right to Bear Arms; Right to a Trial by a Jury of One's Peers; Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances; Right to Vote; Race Discrimination Assistance; Sex Discrimination Assistance; Unreasonable Search and Seizure Protection

I06.03 - Environmental Law

See also: Environment, General/Other (C01)

I06.04 - Intellectual Property Law

Use references: Copyright Law; Copyright, Patent and Trademark Complaints; Licensing Agreements; Patent Law; Trademark Law

I06.05 - Labor & Employment Law

See also: Labor (J03)

Use references: Collective Bargaining Legal Services; Labor/Management Consultations; Unfair Labor Practices Assistance

I06.06 - Landlord/Tenant Law

Use references: Eviction Assistance; Landlord Rights Counseling; Rent Control Enforcement; Tenant Rights Counseling