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NAICS: 541199   Largest/examples: I20 - I2 - Search I20 - Crime Prevention

Organizations that provide information and services that help the public protect themselves from crime or which prevent its occurrence. Also included are organizations that provide a mechanism for reporting crimes. Use this code for crime prevention programs not specified below.

Key words: Anti-Crime Patrols; Arson Prevention; Block Parents; Block Watch; Child Finger Television; Citizen Crime Reporting; Citizen Patrols; Citizens Crime Watch; Civilian Crime Patrols; Community Watch; Crime Reporting; Crime Prevention; Crime Watch; Crime Stoppers; Crimebusters; Crimestoppers; Crimewatch; Dangerous Weapons Regulation and Control; Firearms Control; Fraud Reporting; Gun Control; Hate Crime Prevention; Home Alert; Kidnapped Children; Missing Children; Missing Persons; Neighborhood Watch; Online Crime Prevention; Self-Defense; Tip Lines; Violence Prevention