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J04 - Vocational Rehabilitation

See also: Services for Individuals with Disabilities (P11.03); Rehabilitation Services (E12); Occupational Therapy (E12.08)

Use references: Disability Employment; Employment of Persons with Disabilities; Job Coach Services;; Prevocational Training; Remunerative Sheltered Employment; Sheltered Employment; Sheltered Work Activity Centers; Sheltered Workshops; Situational Assessment; Supported Employment; Vocational Evaluation; Work Adjustment Training

J04.01 - Job search readiness
J04.02 - Job retention
J04.03 - Post-placement support
J04.04 - Vocational skills training
J04.05 - Job development and placement
J04.06 - Support groups
J04.07 - Internship opportunities
J04.08 - Career planning
J04.09 - Support services
J04.10 - Accommodation