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K02 - Agriculture

See also: Horticulture (C04); Land Conservation (C05.03); Plant Conservation (C05.05); Youth Agriculture (O04)

Use references: Community Gardening

K02.02 - Agricultural Economics & Farm Management

Use references: Agribusiness; Farmers Cooperative Purchasing Programs; Farmers Credit Programs

K02.03 - Agricultural Exhibitions

See also: Animal Exhibitions & Shows (D02.02); Youth Agriculture (O04)

Use references: Agricultural Fairs; County Fairs; Livestock Shows; State Fairs

K02.04 - Agricultural Production

Use references: Agricultural Commodities; Agricultural Products; Agronomy; Farming; Produce; Animal Husbandry; Aquaculture; Crop Production; Animal Breeding; Apiculture; Beekeeping; Bovine Husbandry; Cattle Farming; Cattle Production; Cattle Ranching; Dairy Farming; Goat Keeping; Horse Breeding; Livestock Breeding/Development/Management; Pig Farming; Poultry Farming; Sericulture; Sheep Farming; Silkworm Breeding; Stock Farming; Aquabusiness; Fish Farming; Hatcheries; Crops; Viticulture

K02.05 - Agricultural Water Management

Use references: Agroforestry; Dryland Water Management; Irrigation Services; Livestock Watering

K02.06 - Food Science

Use references: Food Engineering; Food Preparation and Packaging; Food Storage and Shipment; Genetically Engineered Foods

K02.07 - Sustainable Agriculture

See also: Horticulture (C04)

Use references: Alternative Farming; Biodynamic Agriculture; CSA; Certified Organic; Certification of Organic Foods; ChemicalFree Gardening; Chemical-Free Gardening; Community Supported Agriculture Programs; Composting; Ecofarming; Ecologically Sound Farming; Environmentally Sound Farming; Natural Foods; Organic Ecological Agriculture; Organic Farming Programs; Organic Foods; Organic Gardening Assistance; Regenerative Agriculture; Sustainable Farming