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NAICS: 115000   Largest/examples: K20 - K2 - Search K20 - Agricultural Programs

Organizations that focus on the development and improvement of food resources or food procurement through information and technical assistance for agricultural establishments and individuals in rural or urban settings. Use this code for organizations that provide a wide range of agricultural services or those that offer services to support the agricultural sector not specified below.

Key words: Agricultural Cooperatives; Agricultural Extension Service; Agricultural Production; Agricultural Water Management; Agroforestry; Alternative Farming; Aquaculture; Crop Production; Dairy Cooperatives; Erosion Control; Farmers Cooperative Marketing; Farmers Cooperative Purchasing; Fish Farming; Home Gardening Assistance; Irrigation; Organic Farming; Pest Control; Regenerative Agriculture; Seed Certification; Soil Conservation; Soil Erosion Prevention; Sustainable Agriculture; Sustainable Farming

Scope notes: Includes: 501(c)(5) agricultural organizations; 501(c)(12) irrigation services; 501(c)(16) cooperative organizations to finance crop rotation; Farmers' cooperative marketing and purchasing including IRS Code 521 farmers' cooperatives and IRS Code 1382(a)(2) Taxable Farmers' Cooperatives; and Soil and water conservation and development. Excludes: 501(c)(1) government farm, livestock, agriculture, and land credit services (FLCA), USE Public Finance, Taxation & Monetary Policy (W22)

See also: Forest Conservation; International Agricultural Development; Natural Resources Conservation & Protection; Youth Development - Agricultural; Public Finance, Taxation & Monetary Policy