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NAICS: 115210   Largest/examples K26 - Search K26 - Animal Husbandry

Organizations that provide information, technical assistance and support for individuals or commercial establishments that are engaged in the keeping, grazing, feeding and/or sale of livestock. [Note: These organizations are typically found in section 501(c)(5).]

Key words: Animal Breeding; Animal Husbandry; Apiaries; Apiculture; Beekeeping; Breeders Associations; Breeding; Cattle; Dairy Farms; Dairy Herd Improvement Association; Egg Production Facilities; Farm Animals; Feedlots; Goats; Hogs; Horse Breeding; Husbandry; Livestock Breeding; Poultry; Poultry Hatcheries; Ranches; Sericulture; Sheep; Silkworms; Turkeys