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NAICS: 624229   Largest/examples L82 - Search L82 - Housing Expense Reduction Support

Organizations that provide home purchase or construction loans; finance new living accommodations; or pay current housing and/or utility bills for people who cannot afford to make the payments themselves and who qualify for this service on the basis of need or income.

Key words: Construction Loans; Electric Bill Payments Assistance; Gas Bill Payments Assistance; Home Purchase Loans; House Payment Assistance; Housing Costs; Housing Down Payment Assistance; Housing Expense Assistance; Housing Payments Assistance; Mortgage Payments Assistance; Moving Expense Assistance; Property Tax Relief; Rent Assistance; Rental Deposit Assistance; Security Deposit Assistance; Telephone Bill Payments Assistance; Utility Bill Payments Assistance; Water Bill Payments Assistance

Scope notes: Use this code for housing expense assistance to individuals and/or families; use Housing Development, Construction & Management codes plus Common Code FUNDRAISING & FUND DISTRIBUTION for housing expense assistance to organizations.