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M04 - Safety Education

See also: Consumer Protection (W07); Hunting & Fishing (N02.14)

Use references: Burn Safety; Firearm Safety Programs; Fireworks Safety Programs; Food Safety Education; General Safety Education Programs; Gun Safety; Halloween Safety Programs; Hitchhiking Safety Programs; Holiday Safety Programs; Home Safety Programs; Household Hazardous Materials Safety Programs; Household Safety Programs; Hunting Safety Programs; Latchkey Safety Programs; Lead Safety; Personal Safety Programs; Indoor Air Pollution Information; School Safety Programs; Sports Safety Programs; Toy Safety Programs

M04.02 - Aviation Safety

Use references: Air Safety Programs; Aircraft Safety; Pilot Proficiency Training

M04.03 - Fire Prevention

See also: Fire Protection (M02.07)

Use references: Burn Prevention; Fire Safety; First Aid Firefighting

M04.04 - First Aid Training
M04.05 - Occupational Health and Safety Awareness

See also: Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene (E11.04)

Use references: Industrial Safety; Occupational Safety; Work Practices; Working Conditions; Workplace Safety

M04.06 - Poison Information

Use references: Poison Control; Poison Hotlines; Poison Prevention

M04.07 - Traffic Safety

See also: Drunk Driving (I02.04)

Use references: Adult Passenger Safety; Automobile Driving Safety; Automobile Safety; Bicycle Safety; Child Passenger Safety; Defensive Driving Classes; Driver Education; Driving Safety; Motor Vehicle Driving Safety; Motor Vehicle Safety; Motorcycle Safety; Pedestrian Safety; Roller Skating Safety; Safe Driving Programs; Safety belt Safety; Seatbelt Safety; Skateboarding Safety; Traffic School; Vehicle Safety

M04.08 - Water Safety

See also: Boating (N02.04); Swimming (N02.20)

Use references: Beach Awareness; Boating Safety; Drowning Prevention; Lifesaving; Pool Safety; Sailing Safety; Swimming Safety