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NAICS: 713990   Largest/examples N67 - Search N67 - Swimming & Other Water Recreation

Organizations that provide opportunities for people to learn and become competitive in swimming, diving, snorkeling, surfing, water skiing, water polo, boating, white water rafting and other water sports. Coaching, access to a swimming pool or other facilities, sports equipment, and officials for competitions are generally included.

Key words: Aquatic Sports; Boardsailing; Boardsurfing; Boating; Bodyboarding; Bodysurfing; Canoeing; Diving; Futsal; Kayaking; Longboarding; Motorboating; Parasailing; Personal Watercraft; Powerboating; Public Swim Clubs; Rafting; Rowing; Sailboarding; Sailing; Scuba Diving; Sculling; Sea Kayaking; Skin Diving; Snorkeling; Speedboating; Surfing; Swimming; Synchronized Swimming; Tubing; Wakeboarding; Water Polo; Water Recreation; Water Sports; Water Skiing; Water Volleyball; Whitewater Canoeing; Wildwater Racing; Windsurfing; Yachting

Scope notes: USE N50 for Yacht Clubs

Includes: 501(c)(7)organizations

See also: Amateur Sports Competitions; Recreational Clubs; Sports Training Facilities