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NAICS: 813311   Largest/examples Q33 - Search Q33 - International Relief

Organizations that work to relieve poverty in developing countries by providing funds, technical assistance and supplies which improve the health, education, welfare, social well-being and self-reliance of individuals and families. Also included are organizations that provide relief services in response to a major disaster or large-scale emergency that occurs abroad.

Key words: Foreign Child Sponsorship; Foreign Orphanages; Humanitarian Aid; International Childrens Aid ; International Childrens Relief; International Disaster Assistance; International Disaster Relief; International Earthquake Relief; International Flood Relief; International Relief Agencies; Overseas Child Sponsorship; UNICEF

Scope notes: Includes: Faith-based organizations only if they provide some type of physical, non-religious aid to a foreign population in need, regardless of other spiritual activities.

Excludes: Organizations that simply send and support religious missionaries, distribute religious materials, or proselytize.

See also: International Migration & Refugee Issues