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R03 - Civil Rights

See also: +COMMON CODE Advocacy (**B); Civil Liberties (R02); Constitutional Law (I06.02); International Human Rights (Q03)

R03.02 - Children's Rights

See also: Children & Youth Services (P02)

Use references: Child & Youth Advocacy; Children's Welfare

R03.03 - Disabled Persons' Rights

See also: Services for Individuals with Disabilities (P11.03)

R03.04 - Ethnic Groups' Rights & Racial Equality

See also: Area, Ethnic, Cultural & Gender Studies (V03); Intergroup Relations (R04)

Use references: Racial Equality; Native American Rights; Hispanic Rights; Latino Rights; Asian American Rights

R03.05 - Immigrants' Rights

See also: Area, Ethnic, Cultural & Gender Studies (V03); Migration/Refugee Rights (Q03.02)

R03.06 - Lesbian & Gay Rights

See also: Gay/Lesbian Studies (V03.06); Intergroup Relations (R04)

R03.07 - Seniors' Rights

See also: Senior Services (P11.02)

R03.08 - Women's Rights

See also: Women's Studies (V03.08)

Use references: Women's Economic Empowerment Programs