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NAICS: 813410   Largest/examples: S20 - S2 - Search S20 - Community & Neighborhood Development

Organizations that focus broadly on strengthening, unifying and building the economic, cultural, educational and social services of an urban community or neighborhood. Use this code for community and neighborhood improvement organizations other than those specified below.

Key words: Business Districts Revitalization; Central Business Districts Revitalization; Central Business Districts; CDCs; Civic Centers; Community Action Agencies; Community Building; Community Capacity Building; Community Development; Community Development Block Grants; Community Development Corporations; Community Improvement; Community Renewal; Community Revitalization; Downtown Revitalization; Healthy Communities; Main Street Programs; Public, Private Initiatives; Riverfront Development; Slum Clearance; Urban Development; Urban Redevelopment; Urban Renewal; Urban Revitalization; Waterfront Development

Scope notes: Use for comprehensive Community Development Corporations; for Community Development Corporations that are only involved with housing, use a code from Major Group L.

USE for Civic Centers - multi-use entertainment complexes that can include facilities for sporting events, concerts, conventions, trade shows, and exhibitions. Do not confuse with multi-purpose arts facilities (A20) or community recreation centers (N31).

See also: Housing Development, Construction & Management (L20); Urban & Community Economic Development (S31)