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NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples: U30 - U3 - Search U30 - Physical & Earth Sciences

Organizations that conduct research in the physical and earth sciences, i.e., the area of science that studies inanimate objects, processes of matter and energy and associated phenomena. Use this code for organizations that conduct research that broadly covers the physical and earth sciences or for those that address areas of scientific study not specified below.

Key words: Acoustics Research; Aerospace Research; Astrophysics Research; Atmospheric Chemistry Research; Atmospheric Dynamics Research; Atmospheric Physics Research; Atmospheric Sciences Research; Atomic Physics Research; Aviation Research; Climatology Research; Crystallography Research; Earth Sciences Research; Electricity & Magnetism Research; Electron Diffraction Research; Elementary Particle Physics Research; Glaciology Research; Hydrology Research; Laser & Optics Research; Magnetrometry Research; Metallurgy Research; Meteorology Research; Natural Science Research; Nuclear & Accelerator Research; Optics & Optical Sciences Research; Outer Space Research; Physical and Theoretical Physics Research; Physical Sciences Research; Physics Research; Plasma Physics Research; Powder Diffraction Research; Relativity and Quantum Theory Research; Seismology Research; Space Research; Space Science Research; Thermodynamics Research; Vulcanology Research; Weather Forecasting Research; Weather Modeling Research; Weather Research; Weather Simulation Research