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NCCS - Public Charities: NTEE = B8 (Student Services, <small>including NTEE subcategories</small>)

Public Charities: NTEE = B8 (Student Services, including NTEE subcategories)

NTEE Code = B8

Number of organizations reporting assets or income: 9,076. Gross Receipts=$12,118,527,745. Assets=$58,968,145,640

Largest Organizations (by Gross Receipts) (B8)

OrganizationGross ReceiptsTotal Assets
1Form 990 United Negro College Fund Inc (Washington, DC) 856,140,037976,195,798
2Form 990 United Student Aid Funds Inc (Indianapolis, IN) 850,749,9851,179,323,205
3Form 990 Helios Education Foundation (Phoenix, AZ) 722,870,749684,234,760
4Form 990 Massachusetts Higher Education Assistance Corporation (Boston, MA) 323,925,198375,475,421
5Form 990 Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation (Madison, WI) 265,232,404476,849,055
6Form 990 Access Group Inc (West Chester, PA) 255,067,2427,165,126,062
7Form 990 Brazos Higher Education Authority Inc (Waco, TX) 217,358,1676,749,156,697
8Form 990 Big Twelve Conference Inc (Irving, TX) 217,104,33465,141,652
9Form 990 Scholarship America Inc (St Peter, MN) 195,634,886188,908,618
10Form 990 Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation (Round Rock, TX) 165,223,954551,186,743

Largest Organizations (by Total Assets) (B8)

OrganizationGross ReceiptsTotal Assets
1Form 990 Access Group Inc (West Chester, PA) 255,067,2427,165,126,062
2Form 990 Brazos Higher Education Authority Inc (Waco, TX) 217,358,1676,749,156,697
3Form 990 Northstar Education Finance Inc (Eagan, MN) 113,955,4984,182,875,674
4Form 990 Pheaa Student Loan Foundation Inc (Harrisburg, PA) 83,456,3843,247,184,170
5Form 990 South Carolina Student Loan Corporation (Columbia, SC) 116,939,8463,069,867,841
6Form 990 Educational Services of America Inc (Knoxville, TN) 118,680,4482,222,740,281
7Form 990 Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corp (Wdm, IA) 82,762,6812,195,691,978
8Form 990 Acapita Education Finance Corporation (Waco, TX) 53,224,2532,067,969,273
9Form 990 Access To Loans for Learning Student Loan Corporation (Los Angeles, CA) 46,134,4411,277,972,052
10Form 990 Montana Higher Education Student Assistance Corporation (Helena, MT) 34,966,1091,192,762,703

Random Sample (B8)

OrganizationGross ReceiptsTotal Assets
1Form 990 Chagrin Valley Rotary Foundation (Solon, OH) 45,091312,875
2Form 990 Olin Cranfill Memorial Fund (Winstonsalem, NC) 18,5674,790
3Form 990 Friends & Alumni Association of Palmetto High School (Mullins, SC) 29,259117,042
4Form 990 West Point Society of Savannah Inc (Savannah, GA) 2,4180
5Form 990 Red Robin Scholarship Foundation in C (Antigo, WI) 455,9331,022,617
6Form 990 Mmta Scholarship Fund (Boston, MA) 158,821
7Form 990 Lufkin High School Alumni Association (Lufkin, TX) 535,6833,707,195
8Form 990 Theodore Roosevelt Womens Scholarship Assoc (Happy Valley, OR) 96,887278,507
9Form 990 College of the Desert Alumni Associaton Inc (Palm Desert, CA) 1,811,8132,262,066
10Form 990 Agrupacion de Antiquas Alumnas Teresianas Cubanas En El Exilio in (Miami, FL) 20,02512,726
11Form 990 United States Naval Academy Alumni Assoc (Annapolis, MD) 11,501,32872,360,287
12Form 990 Scholar Baller (Long Beach, CA) 10,3499,345
13Form 990 Fondazione Italia (Los Angeles, CA) 233,59510,170
14Form 990 Carpenter Ruritan Club Scholarship Fund (Cary, NC) 28913,108
15Form 990 South Central Pennslyvania Educational Improvement Progrm Inc (Harrisburg, PA) 67,242136,645
16Form 990 North Side High School Alumni Scholarship Foundation (Denver, CO) 45,483548,045
17Form 990 Ian Berry Memorial Scholarship Fund (Huntingtown, MD) 14,1241
18Form 990 Laborers Local 300 Scholarship Fund (Los Angeles, CA) 74,491237,892
19Form 990 Guardian Scholars Inc (Vail, CO) 80,03712,379
20Form 990 Wellesley College Alumnae Assoc (Wellesley, MA) 1,2486,777