Welcome to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) open data platform. 

Designed as a portal for nonprofit practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to download and explore data, this is the home for all NCCS publications.

A new structure to find more information

The format of this site will look different for experienced NCCS users. All work on the site is organized into projects. Within each project, users can find many of the NCCS information they are used to seeing listed as publications, including summary tables for public charities and private foundations by state, type, age, and size, as well as lists of the largest organizations by subsector.

Users can also find a new version of the Nonprofit Sector in Brief, updated with the latest NCCS data. And, for the first time, the raw code (written in R) used for analysis will be embedded in every NCCS publication, so experienced data users who want to dive deeper into the data can replicate NCCS research.

Code and data for some publications are now available

Aside from publications, many project folders will include code or data resources. Code resources include code developed by NCCS or other researchers to help analyze the nonprofit sector (e.g., users can learn more about how the NCCS team creates the NCCS Core Files). Data resources include NCCS data resources and other external datasets. For example, within the Nonprofit Sector in Brief project folder, users can find the data used in the tables and figures in that publication.

Transparent, reproducible, and accessible

This website aims to “elevate the debate” around nonprofit data by making NCCS code and analysis transparent, reproducible, and accessible to all users.

Users who want to learn how to create their own code and analyze NCCS data should begin with our “Getting Started with NCCS Data” project folder. Those tools can then be applied to the resources found on the platform—such as the State Summary Table template—to generate unique reports. Not all the tools from our old website will make the transition to this new platform, and others will look different. We appreciate users’ patience as we roll out new resources and redesign old ones on this new platform.