Nonprofit Trends and Impacts


Nonprofit organizations in the United States play a vital role delivering services, strengthening communities, and facilitating civic engagement. In our nationally representative surveys of nonprofit organizations, we focus on operating 501(c)(3) public charities whose activities range from direct service provision to community building and advocacy. We provide public use datasets of most of the survey data we collect so that others across the country can investigate questions of their own.

Project Contributors
Portrait of Alan

Alan Abramson

Professor; Director, Center on Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and Social Enterprise

George Mason University

Portrait of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Boris

Institute Fellow

Urban Institute

Portrait of Teresa

Teresa Derrick-Mills

Principal Research Associate

Urban Institute / LHP

Portrait of Mirae

Mirae Kim

Associate Professor; Director, Master of Public Administration Program

George Mason University

Portrait of Lewis

Lewis Faulk

Associate Professor

American University

Portrait of Jesse

Jesse Lecy

Associate Professor, Data Scientist

ASU / Urban Institute

Portrait of Hannah

Hannah Martin

Policy Analyst

Urban Institute / CNP

Portrait of Thiyaghessan

Thiyaghessan Poongundranar

Data Scientist

Urban Institute / CNP

Portrait of Calton

Calton Pu

John P. Imlay, Jr. Chair in Software

Georgia Tech

Portrait of Laura

Laura Tomasko

Senior Policy Program Manager

Urban Institute

Highlighted Resources

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pdf Findings on US Donation Trends, 2015–2020: Nonprofit Trends and Impacts 2021
pdf National Findings on Diversity and Representation in the Nonprofit Sector

More Resources

Regulation of Nonprofits and Philanthropy Project

A project advancing research and practice on nonprofit regulatory frameworks and their impact on the sector


National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) Codes

IRS Activity Codes Used to Categorize Nonprofits


2019 Nonprofit Sector in Brief

The 2019 Sector Brief discusses trends in the number and finances of 501(c)(3) public charities and key findings on two important resources for the nonprofit sector: private charitable contributions and volunteering.

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